Troy and Nikita 082Your dog is a part of your family whose health and happiness is important to you. At UpperCapeK9s, we understand that better than anyone! UpperCapeK9s has been providing complete dog care services in southeastern Massachusetts since 2006.

Your dog will be safe, comfortable, and happy at our location in Tihonet Village, Wareham.

Do you need a safe, comfortable place for your dog to stay, for a few hours or up to a month?

Are you in the market for a new puppy, or an older dog who has been rescued and socialized?

Do you need help in solving behavior problems with your existing dog… or help with grooming?

You’ve come to the right place: UpperCapeK9s can help!

Our German Shepherd puppies are attractive and well-behaved with great dispositions.  Just ask any of the 70+ or so families who have welcomed one into their home!